Sunday, 18 January 2015

Angling For Grayling Part Two.

 With Grayling firmly asserted as one of my favourite species already I had to get back out amongst them and the weather conditions seemed to be perfect, joined by Brian for a stab at his first ever Grayling we embarked on a two-and-a-half hour train journey followed by a two mile walk to our intended venue, before yesterday Brian had never caught one so that was the ultimate goal of the day but for the money spent I certainly wanted to bag a few with a new PB in the offing.

Sane section of civilization isn't privileged to this sort of scene
at 8am - 3 hours from home at -3c, nout better.  
Postcard stuff eh!
A bad case of the trots....hahaha.
 Having been on the Test a couple of times I felt that Brian should get one under his belt first but before we got to Grayling fishing a large Pike swirled at some silvers which was too much for us to both ignore, so a barrage of lures and jigs were aimed in its direction but to no avail, 15 minutes or so of that and we got the hint at a lack of interest, so we then set up our fine trotting gear and headed up stream to where I have caught Grayling before, it wasn't long before they started to show themselves but I struggled to keep them on the hook as they writhed and wriggled free, I lost 4 before landing my first of about 6oz.

A mint condition Grayling.
Spirited fight from a slender Trout.
 Out of those 4 lost - three of which were over a pound and the largest of those was probably around a pound n half, I couldn't keep the larger ones on and they taunted me for staying on long enough for me to see them and then escape back to the murky depths, I found the fishing very hard it has to be said, I fished very hard and my findings were echoed by every other angler we spoke to, with the very heavy colour it wasn't going to be easy but not making excuses we both tried as hard as possible to locate and catch. I had a stack of Trout which were a welcome distraction from the lack of Grayling which came to about 3lb.

Average stamp of Grayling on the day.
Baby brownie.

 As dusk approached though I started to get a few Grayling and thankfully managed to land a couple which averaged around 8oz with the largest a little over that, but those larger ones evaded capture and I've not experienced such a bad hook-up rate on any trip I've ever made in my 22 years of fishing, I lost as many if not more than I caught but the hooks were brand new and sharp, I was thinking maybe there is a specific hook to improve hook-up rates if there is any such hook, a tough day and certainly the hardest so far but with a total of 8 Grayling caught I feel that in those conditions that was good and Brian had faired probably the best out of everyone - follow the link for "his take on the trip", it wasn't the session I thought it would be but that's fishing. From now on though unless the conditions are perfect for Grayling I will be targeting Roach and Pike, a 2lb Roach would go down very well considering it's been 5 sessions without a bite after them and a 20lb Pike still is my main target for the season but the conditions haven't been great for them with most of the rivers in the south constantly carrying colour and plenty of extra water but I will get out a few more times and hopefully be successful, in fishing you never know what that next knock or bite will yield. Tight Lines until next time.


  1. Some awesome pics there James, I find that catches made in difficult conditions are more inspiring than any others. Good effort mate...

  2. Cheers Jimmy, it was tough and to catch what we did was good going, but could have been so much better....another time eh!


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