Tuesday, 13 January 2015

First Barbel of 2015.

 The beginning of the year has been very busy and combined with the poor weather I have barely managed any time on the banks, this morning though I had a gap in my busy schedule so I ventured out with a rod and sat up in a couple of swims until I was successful in at least getting a knock, when I did get my first of two takes a spirited Barbel of roughly 4lb charged through the battleship grey river before tiring and heading into my awaiting net. The second take of the day unfortunately failed to hook up but I suspect the culprit was a Chub but I will never know, catching in these conditions is always pleasing - regardless of the size.

Great fun and somewhat unexpected.

My ever-faithful pin, 


  1. Nice one. Always great to winkle on out in those conditions!

  2. Good start to the year.....first of many hopefully