Tuesday, 17 February 2015

One Hour Perch.

 A real snippet of time after work on Monday and I didn't feel like sitting at home even though it was trashing it down, so I armed myself with the predator rod and a selection of lures in the hope of fooling a couple of stripey's, by the time I had got to my chosen venue I was soaked through to the bone so it didn't matter at all when the rain got heavier. First the spinners went out for a.... spin, then jig's and then a few different coloured lures which after a while didn't pay any dividends, a change back to a gold & black spotted spinner drew the first take and a spirited battle ensued under the rod tip as a Perch searched out the roots under my feet, by this time the rain was teaming down so a photo of my 1lb 3oz Perch was out of the question, but a great conditioned fish it was too.

This little rod is a fantastic, through action past the butt!
 For around half an hour more I searched out some more feeding fish but nothing doing and as the wind picked up slightly the cold started to settle in, enough was enough, the green soldier was enough  to save a blank, but thoroughly drenched. Oh what us anglers do to catch fish.

The blank saver.

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