Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Impostor's of the Chalk Stream.

 This season has been very enjoyable and is unfortunately close to finishing, just a handful of days left but I am hoping to carry on right up to the end. Saturday saw me venture out with the trotting gear with Roach in mind, the conditions were perfect both water wise and weather all we needed was the fish to read the correct script. On the way down a couple of clonking sized Dace showed amongst the scores of smaller ones but weren't in a feeding mood - I think me hanging over the top of them had something to do with it, the lack of stealth let me down which doesn't usually happen.

 But Roach were hard to locate but a swift glide followed by a nice slack looked just the place, first trot down I had a tug, second trot down I had this....

 The river was torn to pieces by the Roach impostor that weighed 4lb 5oz, perfect conditioned male fish which had recently spawned I feel, that released - a move was needed to find more fish, plenty of fish showing but not what we were looking for, Brian was happy to target Barbel at times whilst we headed down but I had a couple of swims in mind where I hoped they'd play ball.

Biggest of the day.
 Gudgeon were to make a good showing with numerous gonks to 2oz 3dr, but the Roach only showed occasionally to 6oz or so, the conditions I thought were perfect so I put it solely down to them not feeding, another time eh.

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