Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Try & Try Again.

 Yesterday evening after I finished work I had a couple of hours spare so a quick trip to the Thames was perfect, a brisk hunt through my parents garden for big lobworms and I was ready, the plan was to find some Perch but the only issue with that is the size of the river, pinning down a Perch isn't as easy as some may believe which is partly down to my lack of knowledge on certain stretches.

 I was looking to fish for a couple of hours and the float didn't stay still for pretty much the entire time as the ever hungry Bream wouldn't leave my bait alone and by the time I had called time a total of four Bream to 6lb 8oz came to the net but the Perch could not be found.

 So with that blank fresh from yesterday I grabbed a spinning rod as soon as I finished work and with about 30 min of daylight left I set about finding a Perch, instead of using worm's though I took my little 6ft lure rod for a spin, not something I do very well at in the cooler months but I had a good hit after ten minutes or so which was a good indication that fish were feeding, then it all went quiet and with time running out as the sun disappeared over the horizon my 7g Mepps silver spinner was smashed, in a mad rush to get the net unfolded and wet I nearly lost the Perch as it splashed about in front of me, thankfully it took the spinner well and wasn't going anywhere fast.

 Finally a Perch and a nice one at that, weighing in at 2lb 2oz.


Right on, a perfect specimen of a Perch. 2lb 2oz.


  1. Lovely fish. what camera do you use and are the selfies?

    1. Cheers Robert, 99% of my photos are self takes and the camera I use is a Panasonic LUMIX GF3 which is a couple of years old now but still a decent camera.