Sunday, 3 May 2015

Buzz Off.

 With the blogger's challenge already up and running I wanted to get my Rudd campaign on the road but the condition's aren't perfect and I am just sitting on my hands a bit longer for the right weather to come along, so with a couple of hours spare a grabbed the fly rod and the "ol boy" and myself had a trot along some beautiful river in search of a Brown Trout, today I was going to try out some different flies that have just arrived, this little trip out was just to have a look and see what was moving, some Barbel were spotted along with Chub, Roach, Carp plus a bonus shoal of Dace which were all way above what I would perceive as average which was great to see and no doubt I shall be back come the start of the season.

Love spring for this reason.

 It took a while to find a Trout but when I did I couldn't have found a more obliging fish to cast a fly at, first cast and it immediately came up to the surface to investigate, I slight twitch and slowly strip the line back towards me and the water exploded as my little gold-headed buzzer was nailed, a great sight to see as always but this was pretty ferocious and the fight was mind-blowing as it traversed a weir in front of my very eyes!, never have I witnessed such power and bearing in mind I was still attached......the weir was roughly 18 inches in height and this made no issue of it but getting to it now proved quite difficult as it continued it's assault upstream, my task now was to try and climb the weir and battle the power of the water and get a strong foothold before falling into the river.

 I have to admit it was great fun and as exhilarating that it was I felt that I needed to get the Trout landed and get myself into a safer position, after assessing the situation I chose just to stand at the near side of the flush where it was the slackest and angled my catch towards me with the net waiting patiently. Arguably one of the best fight's I've had and if not for sheer brutality it was for how ingenious it was to try and escape capture.....brilliant.

 When banked it made the 2lb mark just, just love fishing for that sort of experience and here is the culprit.

 After catching this chunky spawned out hen I headed on up river to find some more and I did come across quite a few and some were over 5lb but they weren't in a feeding mood at all and flies at times were dabbed straight in front of them, but I didn't really care as the one I had caught was pretty good, job done.

 On another very short trip to one of my local cuts I did manage to finally catch a fish and it was in the shape of an immaculate little stripey of 4-5oz which was taken on the spinner within my first 3 casts but nothing to write-home about, a small monkey off my back though, however small it may be!


  1. Sounds great fun, that trout. Congrats on the bringing life out of the canal also!

    1. Very small but all count I guess!, start that ball rolling.