Sunday, 10 May 2015

Tench on the Method.

 Fishing the method feeder is a tactic I've never used before and this is probably down to my inability to sit still, a morning session to Marsh Farm for Crucian and Tench was the plan and to fish two rods on the method, me using buzzers is a very rare sight indeed but I do own some, by the way they haven't been used for about 4 years I think. I started with maggots on a size 16 connected to a 5inch hook-link in conjunction with a 20gr method feeder, in both spots I groundbaited 6 balls in each and fished over the top.

1st of  the day at 5.2.
 Sport was great from the beginning as I had only just cast my first rod out and on the rest as I then setup my second rod the first tore off at the speed of light, a Tench on and I hoped it was the start of a crazy morning's fishing, after a couple of minutes my first in the net at 5lb 2oz and my first ever fish on the method, a small coup for me so I was very happy with it. Unfortunately it wasn't the hectic session that the start suggested, I spent the next 6 hours scratching my head....I tried a couple of different ideas but neither paid off until 5 minutes before I was due to pack up to catch my return to train to South London, my margin buzzer screeched off as my second Tench of the day took a liking to my two real maggot and one fake offering, this fight was much more what I expected complete with a last minute dash to the lily pads which nearly escaped and the margin of error was tiny as when the fish slipped into the net the hook transferred to one of the pad stems. Close one that.

 Slightly bigger than the first at 5lb 6oz it was a welcome fish and as I was almost packed up I had to get some bits back to photograph and weigh my prize. After that a brisk walk to the station to only just make it by a gnat's arse. A good return for a new tactic and I hope to expand on my knowledge and catch more fish on what is an increasingly difficult fishery, but when conditions improve I'm sure weights will improve too, but no Crucian's though.

Biggest of the day at 5.6.

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