Sunday, 24 May 2015

Return to Marsh Farm and My Latest Canal PB.

 My quest for a PB Crucian has been something I've really wanted to do over the last couple of seasons, although I haven't made a concerted effort I've put myself in the mix. With my largest from this fishery at 2lb 9oz it's not far behind my personal best but would like to better it, so I headed down to Surrey to have a go, I arrived for opening with the view of building a swim and hopefully empty the place.

 With the areas baited I sat on Harris lake and the trap was set, but in typical fashion it was very slow and only the one Tench to show for my efforts until 3pm, for the time and application I expected more but only a few bleeps were sounded throughout that time, a couple of moves proved useful as I intercepted a Crucian of 14oz, Bream to 2.12, Tench to 3.12 with a few Roach and Perch chucked in, the Crucian coincidentally was the smallest I've ever caught and was very good to see, but it wasn't the session I think I deserved but I will try again soon enough as I think the tactic is right but just the fish were either not in the area or simply had spawning on their minds.

Not for the purists but it works here, do prefer a waggler though.

Beautifully coloured male and great condition.
I don't just appreciate the big fish, small ones are important too.

Very pretty little Cru.

 It wasn't the trip I hoped for but that's fishing, another time and it could be a different story.

 Also a quick update for today's session to my local cut with the view of building on my fantastic capture of that canal 25.3 Mirror Carp, today I packed lures and a loaf of bread and hoped I would see some fish, I wasn't to be disappointed as I spotted a few good Carp to the 20's and a few shoals of Bream showing just under the surface, after a few hours on the cut I had managed to catch one of those Bream and a fine fish too complete with spawning tubicles, but this fishing is really needle-in-a-haystack sort of thing, most sections are almost devoid of fish and when you do find them they are extremely timid making catching them harder than you'd expect, but nevertheless I managed just the one.

My Canal PB at 7lb 2oz.


  1. Ooh that's a big canal bream. Ancient looking too. Clear water bream are very difficult when you can see them so well done. Is it the Regents you are fishing? Meant to contain doubles.

    1. Looked really old but in good condition, really thick set too and funnily enough it was probably the smallest of the dozen strong shoal, but I'll keep popping down and will surely find some more. This canal fishing as hard as it is is exciting, just not sure what you will find next.....

    2. Didn't think you'd catch one in daylight, James. Bigger to come I'd say and you might just get a British Canal record for your trouble if just over seven was one of the smaller fish...

    3. I wasn't sure I would but gave it a go after crushing up some flake and got them to come in slightly so I could stick my free-line bread flake and the fun began, I reckon I could bag a few but the largest I saw may have been 9-10lb not too sure as the water is gin clear but they are certainly big, I may pop down the canal tomorrow evening after work for an hour or two, went down this evening for a quick recce but nothing showing. I fancy a bigger one for sure.

  2. what lake did you fish at marsh farm for the crucians? PM me