Thursday, 18 February 2016

Winter Fishing, So Enjoyable.

 Specimen Dace and Roach fishing has been the staple of most of my time spent on the bank, it's been successful and thoroughly enjoying, as fishing should be. So today I fancied doing a bit of everything, Dace, Roach, Chub and whatever else felt like coming along.

One of my favourite trots.

 A tub of maggots and a loaf of bread is all that was needed today, the Chub were my first target and in the heavily coloured water the fish were feeding very confidently, within 30-40 minutes I had four Chub to 5lb 1oz on trotted flake, but all the time I was there the colour was dropping out fast, once the colour reached a certain level the bites stopped and first part of the session was done.

Best of the day.
 Next up, Dace, I have a few cracking places that I fish for these impressive little creatures. A pound plus "Silver Dart" is the pinnacle of Dace fishing and one of them here is possible and I've lost one and landed one nearly there. The trotting wasn't easy as the extra water made presenting the bait properly very arduous, at times the crease of the water became fishable and usually this would induce a bite or a fish, nearly an hour's fishing resulted in three lovely winter Dace with the best a gnat's hair under 13ozs. Not bad at all, it's been quite a season for them.

 Then as dusk approached I thought with the colour in the river would be ideal for some Roach fishing, with the potential of a monster pretty much out of the question I enjoyed the vigorous scraps put up by the beautifully conditioned winter Roach, a joy to catch and it's not hard to see why they are so popular.
Some cracking examples of winter Roach.


  1. Looks my sort of venue that James, some nice fish too.

    1. Cheers Mick, we are certainly blessed with some awesome waterways, but fishing some of them is easier said than done. The rain isn't stopping and needs to before 14th March. Tight Lines.