Sunday, 10 April 2016

Golden Orfe, A New PB.

 Throughout the past week at work all I could think about was fishing, even during the close season on the rivers my desire to get out fishing just doesn't abate. But go out where?, that was the most challenging part of it, everywhere seems to be still in a state hibernation, Tench are not feeding avidly enough yet to target although this season they're not on my mind, the Rudd however are but again they seem to be feeding occasionally, once we get some decent overnight temperatures and the days get longer then I suspect things will improve rapidly, but time is running out, my up coming travelling in Asia is fast approaching and by the time I come back the rivers will be almost ready to open.

 I have done a fair amount of legwork already in search of Rudd waters: Canals, Lakes, Reservoirs and Drains have already seen my footprints. Just with the hope of tripping up on a hidden gem, in angling these days what with the internet and social media secrets are seldom secrets for long, but there still is that remote chance I just might find something special. But seeing as the waters in question are yet to prove fruitful I have decided to sit on my hands until I get back, but that still left an answered question, where to go? After plenty of thinking I suspected a return for some Orfe would probably be my best option. Conditions were set to be fairly poor but I won't catch at home.

 Upon arrival at my chosen venue I decided to fish my usual tactic and head to a section of the lake where the wind was behind me so presentation and casting was possible, the winds were reaching 20mph and faster at times so fishing in this manner was both stupid but also brilliant at the same time. Having the single bait approach with no other terminal tackle bar the hook was how I managed to snare them, a float or any other components made them increasingly weary, but stupid as line management in the strong wind was made frustrating at times, but needless to say, I did catch.

 Building the confidence of fish pays huge dividends and yesterday I managed to fool four Golden Orfe with the largest weighing a personal best of 5lb 2oz, the other three came in at 3.09, 3.06 and 2.14, all which will be future lumps and potential records. The largest one put up a really good scrap by Orfe standards which was nice to see. I also managed a Tench around 3lb.

Pleased as punch. Booom!
 Looking forward to the warmer weather when I can actually start my Rudd fishing, for now I'll continue to sit on my hands.

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