Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Canal Carp - Back With a Plan.

 The canal recently has been carrying a lot of colour, which is making my stalking very difficult. This morning though I made the effort to get out of bed and on the water by 530am, nice and early but just how I like it. With a slight chill in the air and the sun only just breaking the horizon I couldn't quite tell how much colour was in there, the more sunlight that came over the hill and rooftops revealed that the colour was slightly dropping out, just enough visibility to hunt.

 Obviously with work only a couple of hours away there wasn't much time available, armed with my trusty 9ft Outkast stalking rod (2-1/4lb) and my polaroid's it was time to find some fish, whether it be Bream or Carp. With plenty of hours already done walking the towpath and not a lot seen it was almost as if Christmas came early when I spotted a chunky Common in pristine winter condition, I was even more surprised ten minutes later when I had overcome it and had it resting in the net, Nice One!.

 Bearing in mind that this stretch in particular has only been walked once so far and not one of the sections I fished last season was a major coup, let's see if it could produce some more like this and hopefully something bigger :)

17lb 1oz, such a stunning colour and immaculate. Bang on.
 Time to pack up came fairly swiftly afterwards and already planning a return, going to be good.


  1. That's a stunner James, and the shape a carp should be. The more time I spend on the canals the more I love fishing them. I'm sure if I do eventually catch a double figure Zander then Carp will be my next closed season quest.

  2. Why not Mike, canal Carping is a challenge but it's a good one I might add, the overnight temps at the moment though are killing off any sort improvement in the fishing, Shame really, it should be a hell of a lot warmer