Sunday, 3 April 2016

In Search of Golden Surprises.

 This spring I have set my sights on one of my favourite species, the Rudd. Everything about them is impressive and I really want to find a source closer to home where a chance of a 3lb specimen is possible, information on the species whereabouts is very limited, so with little info myself and another keen Rudd angler have made it our aim to locate and catch some off the beaten track with the hope of striking gold.

 Arriving a little later than I planned I got straight to walking the miles of drain networks, the weather was perfect for a lovely walk in the countryside and the fishing was good to start with as a couple of Carp showing under some far bank vegetation, five minutes of angling into position and the small piece of flake vanished, on Rudd gear which comprised of a 1-1/4lb test curve rod and 5lb line was pushing it but I've always been of the opinion that if you play it properly and providing it's not snaggy there should be no reason to lose what's on the other end.

14lb 2oz defeated on Rudd gear

 On a crisp spring morning there is not much better than landing fish like this, it's fair to say it may never have been caught before, although it's just an assumption it's a nice one, there's something quite special about tackling fish that have never been targeted, beats pond bashing any day.

 Rudd though were very difficult to locate and the conditions were perfect for spotting them, I think over the 6 miles or so I walked I located just one little Rudd, for the effort at this time it was a very small return but maybe I had walked as lesser stocked area, I know for the next time to aim at a different section, if they are there I will find them.

 On my way home I decided to drop in for a bit surface fishing/stalking, my favourite way of fishing and after a slow start I got into my groove and had half a dozen Golden Orfe with the best two going 3.03 & 3.08 and a few small Tench which were bagged too which was nice, then the rain came.......bane of my damn life!

Second best at 3.03

Best of the afternoon in the rain at 3.08

Very pretty fish.

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