Saturday 16 July 2016

Chalkstream Barbel and Chub.

 Between my target fishing of Rudd on the Fens and Chub fishing on the River Stour and Avon I have targeted Barbel when snippets of time crop up, time is tight but when a two or three hour window of opportunity arises it's hard not to bow to the lure of Barbel, over the last month I may have done four or five trips out and managed a few fish ranging from young Barbel to 10lb 2oz.

 The double came on yesterdays trip as did a fighting fit 6lb plus Barbel, the ten was in a poor state and was very underweight, typical summer condition, but even in the state it was still fought very well and the swim it was tempted in was so confined, photography was almost impossible, nevertheless I rung a couple off and got covered in crap that stank for my troubles.

4 plus

10.02, best so far.
 Not only Barbel have been caught on these trips as a number of Brown Trout and Chub have fallen foul to my preferred tactics, Trout to 6lb 4oz and Chub to 5lb 6oz, not too bad eh!

This one went around 4.08
A real stocky 5.06 Chevin (unspawned)

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