Saturday, 16 July 2016

Fenland Rudd Part Two.

 A couple of weeks ago I headed back to the Fens with big Rudd in mind, the river hadn't lost much of it's colour upon arrival but with a 160-mile round trip I was going to make the best of it. With the usual 20 minutes to set up the boat and prepare for my days fishing out of the way it was time to seek the golden wonders.

 Fishing for Rudd isn't hard at all but the location is paramount, the Rudd are very mobile on the Fenland rivers and take a fair amount of time to find, once found and feeding confidently they pretty much hang themselves, great fun on such light gear.

 As the morning started the wind was fairly light and fishing was much easier, bites were easier to see and presentation of the trots were better too, within the first hour I had five Rudd to 1.13 and thing's were looking very good, by 10am the wind started to get fairly stiff but it didn't kill of the fishing immediately, on the one trot where I managed to get the flake to glance the bank-side vegetation a real hard pull on the float was followed by a fair weight on the other end kiting across the river whilst coming slightly upstream, the fight was very good and what I have come to expect from these wild river Rudd, the scenery is second to none for it's rawness but the sight of a large Rudd in all it's glory cutting through the water's surface 10ft from the boat is magnificent.

 Within seconds the beautiful Rudd below was resting up in the net, no hesitation in putting it on the scales and confirmed what I had thought, at 2.04 I was very happy, all I was hoping for was for more to slip up as this beauty did.

My best Rudd of the season at 2lb 4oz.
  Conditions as midday approached started to deteriorate very quickly, heavy showers started up and the wind increased in strength which made fishing extremely difficult and the Rudd became very hard to locate and catch, over the course of the afternoon I became more and more disenchanted with it all and at 1630 I gave up, very rare that I throw the towel in but I'm crazy not insane, although that is also open to debate. Back this Friday for them with a Rudd nut, so it promises to be a cracking day or two.

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