Monday, 3 October 2016

It's Been a Good Season so Far.

 From Barbel surpassing double figures to double figure Canal Bream it's been pretty good sport for the time I have managed on the banks, here is a little collage of images since June.

Best fly caught Chub (PB) of 4.10

New PB Bream of 11.07

A nice reservoir Mirror.
My target achieved! A canal double of 10.01.

This chunky river mid-twenty (25.03)

Fenland Rudd are just cracking creatures.

A wet and wild day in the boat, 2.04.

Summer Chub 5.11.

Season best of 2.06, simply stunning creatures.

Stour Chub of 5.10, not too bad.

My first ever Grass Carp, caught in Holland.

My second Asp at 4 ½lb

A huge summer Dace of 13½oz.

Season's best Chub in my campaign of 6lb 1oz.

Quality Barbel also making a welcome appearance during some short sessions.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Cheers Tom, gotta keep going, plenty more big fish to come I sense!

  2. Fantastic fish there, brilliant summer campaign. Let's hope the winter season brings some equally impressive predators.

    1. Best time is here and its just trying to find time to get out!

  3. alright, alright, don't rub it in :)

    I'd have loved to have any of them....

    1. Hello mate, the time I have got out on the banks I've been looked after! Time at the moment is scarse, or should I say free time!. I see you are still on the trail of a big Chub? If you are around the south west and you fancy a day out I'd be more than happy to put you in with a shout! Although I still haven't really got going on the Stour yet, I feel it's got plenty more to give.

    2. Yeap, and as you know, I'd like nothing better than one from the Avon. I'll probably give most of Jan and Feb chasing them as I need to give them a more of a single minded approach. Not really tried for them in anger yet to be honest.Ta for the offer anyway, might give you a shout if I'm struggling and will be good to catch up.

    3. It'd be great if you could snare one, they're there as you know but it ain't going to be easy. If you're ever around it'd be a good catch up although I wouldn't mind making the trip up to the canal for some Zander and Pike, be good to catch up though Mick it's been a long time!