Saturday, 22 October 2016

Through the Lens, Barbel.

A recent shot of me trotting for Barbel and Chub.
Barbel are simply stunning creatures. (12.6)
 This particular post is looking back at some of the great times in my Barbel fishing. The countless hours spent searching for them as a species has taken me to some special places, with a few of the areas I had fished a certain amount of judgement as been needed. After hanging from branches peering into the water at double figure Barbel weaving in and out of the weed I have put myself in some very precarious situations but the end product has almost always been worth it, even if I have fallen in a couple of times.

Floodwater double.
 Over the years I've fished most of the rivers in the southern half of England for Barbel and various other species, I feel that nobody could argue that the River Avon is by far the very best. That has to be my favourite but many come close for different reasons. So here are a few shots of Barbel and some lovely looking spots, the fight's always remind me of why I continue to spend time searching for them, a few blank sessions are inevitable but certainly worth it when the rewards are so great.

My personal best Barbel, of 14.06.
My personal best revived and back home.
Vantage points are ideal for spotting feeding Barbel.
Double figure Barbel carefully released after a great scrap in freezing conditions.
Amazing looking waters flow through the Avon Valley.
Just resting up, one of eight from that morning's fishing.
A good double that was spotted from a tree, one that didn't manage to get caught.
A perfect specimen from last season.
One in tow and not giving up.
Barbel on the float are great sport.


  1. Nice post, I simply love trotting for whiskers myself.

    1. I don't think there is a better way of catching Barbel than under float, it is by far my favourite method for catching them.

  2. Fancy a trip up this way James ?

    1. Alright Martin, I wouldn't mind at some point in maybe late November/December, off to the Trent this weekend so I'm hoping the Barbel play ball, I will try to get to the Avon soon.