Sunday, 30 October 2016

Pleasure Fishing with the Mrs.

 The last week has been very hectic with work and trying to find time to do some Barbel fishing after work had been impossible, so much so that I only looked forward to the Saturday to see where I could go to get my fix before another very busy week starts. I thought I'd swing an idea past the Mrs and she was more than happy to join me on what is a probably the prettiest setting an angler could find him or herself in this country. Diminutive but home to some truly special fish, but today as I was out with Lucie, my partner of nearly 10 years the intensity level of today's fishing was dumbed down.

 It has been kind to me over the last few years, good Grayling over two-pounds, Roach touching the magical mark and ample Trout to fill a larder thousands of times over, sometimes they can be a nuisance but on an occasion like this where anything will do, the Grayling however were our main target. As we both walked the bank with a rod between us and both donning a spiffing pair of polaroid glasses the Grayling were visible on the vast gravel beds and it didn't take long for Lucie to latch into a decent fish, unfortunately a Brown Trout intercepted the grain of corn before the Grayling could.

 A healthy spotty made the Mrs work hard as it stripped yards of line off the spool on a couple of occasions, not quite the power of a 60lb Mekong (which was her last fish) but in a river like this it made use of all the space it had, great stuff.

  We planned to only fish a few hours, or whenever the significant other became bored with proceedings, much to my surprise that didn't happen, we happily fished numerous straights, bends and pools which provided some lovely sport, I even came across two separate shoals of Roach both of which comprised of huge specimens approaching the 3lb mark, the average weight appeared to be low two's to high two's, as much as I tried though their sizes were to remain mere guesses, out of maybe forty Roach I managed one of the smallest around a pound.

 Yesterday was a day of strange going's on, the weirdest has to be the capture of a pound plus Grayling caught fair and square in the gob on a 4g spinner which was intended for a Perch or Pike, something I couldn't believe as it charged at the gold spinner with complete focus, amazed was the initial feeling then perplexed that a Grayling would be attracted to something like a spinner. All in all it was a lovely few hours fishing in stunning surroundings and shorty enjoyed it too which was most important. Dare I say it but she may one day fancy another trip out......I may soon find myself dusting off the clubs.

My best of the day, with some serious dorsal fin.

Lucie's first Grayling.

Stunning Brownie

Otter damaged Rainbow, fought like stink.

Blondie's PB Brown Trout of nearly four pound.

Young Pike, certainly knew what to do to evade capture, this time it failed.

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  1. A great way to spend the weekend, well done James and Lucie! Nice write-up too!