Friday 1 September 2017

Failure? Nope, Not a Chance.

 Another day spare and another day spent hunting down my Chub target. I felt confident that I would get a chance as the conditions weren't to be too bad for some stalking, I spent the morning chatting with fellow anglers and searching the water for holding fish with an eye on the evening as I know it's often the best time when the day has been hot and certainly was, by 3pm it was 27c which isn't pleasant in the long grass, in jeans, boots and a top to prevent the nettles stinging me to within an inch of my life!

 Many hours passed with nothing to show for all the miles covered but none of it is in vain as it all helps with the mental picture I'll need when it's in the fields and chocolate brown!, I didn't actually have a proper cast until possibly 4pm which seems crazy, drive all that way just to chat and walk miles of river, but thats how one learns fast, I still got five hours behind the rod, not that it made much of a difference as my tips didn't move a smidgen, shame as I was rather hoping for just a Chub, thats now five blanks in 24 sessions, which I don't think is a bad return, maybe half of the fish I've caught have been 5+ with a couple of sixes thrown in the mix, most of which are summer fish.

The tip may have lye dormant but it was a lovely evening.

 Brian and I packed up about 2115 to get back to the car so we could avoid the road closures that lay ahead of us, during the evening I did hatch a back-up plan and that was to pop onto a river on our way home, crossing the borders of four counties theres plenty of water to aim at......half past midnight my tip savagely wrapped around, an lovely 8.04 Barbel put that tough days fishing firmly in the back of my mind, home just after 1am it was a long day having set off at 430am the day before, all worth it though.

Great tonic for a tough day and it fought like a devil!

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