Wednesday 27 September 2017

PB Crucian, A 20 Year Journey.

 For many years I had a personal best of 3lb 1oz which was caught on a little council run park lake, many great years fishing for various species made for some great times, one species that I dearly wanted to beat was the Crucian Carp best which I caught back in 1998, aged just 11 at the time. My father was instilling everything into myself and my two younger brothers from a young age, how to treat fish, how to correctly weigh and recover etc, so it's probably no surprise that my fishing is predominantly specimen hunting as I feel the desire to improve all the time.

 Unfortunately genuine Crucian Carp stocks are slim but luckily for me I have Enton and Marsh farm not 35mins drive from my front door, convenient for after work outings I made a few plans, first one was last Sunday, weather was atrocious but after 7 hours of tinkering and cast after cast I got that all important run, not even the huge patch of pads could prevent me from achieving a long standing target, within two minutes a large frame of a certain personal best lay in the net, did it surpass the mark of 3.01? you bet it did!

Another PB :)

A whole 3lb 7oz, for me it was a huge monkey off my back as I really wanted a photo of a specimen Crucian, photos of my original PB were lost so this was to reignite my appetite for fishing for these wily creatures, a few photos with a cheesy grin were in order before slipping her back to hopefully make someone else's season. The remainder of the day did slip by with barely anything else by way of action but "for now" this specimen Crucian will most certainly do!

Not the most pleasant of conditions to fish in but worth getting soaked for.


  1. Superb fish - and I have to say inspirational - as it inspired my have another go after a string of blanks.


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