Got a Riddle Here.....PB Crucian (Take Two)

 So the riddle is, an angler goes fishing, fishes two rods, baited and ready for action, fished exactly how I'd like with barely a sniff of action all day, infact not one run but still lands a personal best Crucian?

 At 3lb 8oz here she in all the glory possible, immaculate, just like her captor :)

Matching haircuts too, it was fate!
 Well the answer is quite amusing, all day partner in crime Brian hadn't needed the toilet, after all those hours you'd have thought it wasn't going to matter that he'd leave his rods for me to watch over, you know where this is going now! No sooner did he turn down the path for a piss his margin rod "one tonered" and I gingerly hobbled around to his swim next door and lifted into a good fish, that being the fish above. Well don't mind if I do help myself to a new PB, after all my effort I didn't even need to bring any gear, oh well, maybe I'll christen my new Korum 1.5's another time.

 Cheers mate!:)


  1. Nice one James...Brings back memories of my single days where a mate had spent a few hours chatting up a rather nice female in a nightclub on a lads weekend away and I stepped in after he popped to the toilet and her allegiances changed quite quickly:) he wasn't happy, lets put it that way.

    1. Ooooooh that's a good one, not done that one it has to be said, did it last?

  2. I'm not going to mention the months of rig development, a summer of learning where the fish move or even the five and a half hours of baiting up. Not even going to mention being back for net and photography duty and the new PB handshake. I'm not going to mention any of that because I'm not talking to you :-)

    1. That's fine, all that knowledge didn't go to waste, got us both a PB Crucian :), I remember a certain 6.12 Chub nearly became mine too, this time your bladder couldn't hold out long enough ! much to my advantage.


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