Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Gracious Gudgeon.

 Is there a more enigmatic species than the Gudgeon, for months on end they vanish, as if they aren't even in the river at all, its a complete mystery as to where they go, yet in the blink of an eye they appear. Last week Wednesday I popped down the local for an hour after work, with the intention of christening my new acquisition which is the new Maver Reactorlite 12ft feeder rod 2-piece, super lightweight and looks the business, it comes complete with three tips for varying targets.

 The plan was just to sit behind the quiver until dusk, Gudgeon the main target but Roach and Barbel were also a possibility and after 30 mins or so of basically nothing more than a few tentative touches a fish finally slipped up, funnily enough it was the species I was after, a big one too at 2oz 6dr, best of the season and unfortunately my only fish of the brief trip. Short and sweet, over and out.

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