Tuesday, 22 May 2018

T.H.P.C: Part Seven: No Post Holiday Blues.

 Last Tuesday I was enjoying my last day in the balmy Tenerife sun, twelve hours later, I had flown 2280 miles and slept, packed my tackle bag, gathered my rod, showered, jumped on the bus and had already cast out! That's fishing and my morning was already planned out.

 A few hours with a half loaf of bread was just the tonic for a short nights sleep as the anticipation of getting out got the better of me, so much so I woke ten minutes before my alarm was due to sound which saved me the wrath of the mrs as I usually hit the snooze button a dozen times before I crawl out of bed. 10 years ago I didn't even need an alarm, my body knew it was fishing time and I was up and ready, every time, as I am getting older I feel on the odd occasion a little reluctant to make the effort.

 On my first round of the lake I failed to spot a single carp, whether it be down in the water or on the top. The lack of activity continued as I looked hard for quite some time, then out of nowhere a nice broad mirror swam into a wide bay, with its tail waving up in the water I knew it was feeding well. I flicked out a small piece of flake and watched it settle on the gravel, not a minute later she turned slowly and noticed my bait five or six feet away, the distance was made up very quickly and as the bread vanished I struck into it! Fish on! On a fairly tight clutch she powered off for possibly thirty yards before I could slow it up, these fish do fight well, I am never disappointed.

 A good five or six minutes of battling away she started to tire, I readied the net and sunk it, but as I finished getting prepared the hook pulled, I was gutted. It was probably around twenty pounds or so. Boll@x.....

 Not what I wanted to experience, for well over an hour I continued to search the margins with not an awful lot showing, until a pig of a common was spotted grubbing up right tight to some reeds, a cloud of sediment shrouded her as she continued to sift through the gravel looking for food, I simply couldn't resist easing a bait right onto her patch, my flake sank into the immediate area of the carp but with the cloud of sediment up in the water I couldn't make it out, it didn't take long for the line to tighten up on my finger! With a pig in tow I eased off slightly with this one as the fight played out, hoping to prevent the same outcome.

 Thankfully I got my prize and after a good couple of hours I finally got a good fish on the bank, happily she behaved well for some photos and weighing in, not often they do that there!

26lb 14ozs of sheer power! :) 

 My best from here yet but I have designs on thirties, only time will tell but when the season opens I will be gone from here as a chance of a forty simply isn't going to happen, it however is good fun and sharpening my skills for that day when a real monster may come my way!

 That by the way was it for me, the carp began to show much further out and well out of my reach, so I decided to call it a morning, not a bad one!

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