Wednesday, 23 January 2019

A Return To The Barbel: The Return.

 Didn't think I was going to get back out for Barbel so soon, the day after that haul I got an unexpected early finish to my day, with not enough time to head down with the boat I choose to get back out in search of Barbel and effectively continue from where I left off, that plan worked a treat as it didn't take too long to get my first enquiry.

 First dip of the float resulted in a mint 3lb Chub which was quickly followed by a lovely 6lb 11oz Barbel, not the biggest but certainly welcome. As I headed upstream I had another shot at a decent Barbel as I run the bait along side a fallen tree which was providing a good amount of cover that screamed Barbel, I wasn't wrong either.

 It did take three trots mind you before I got the hit I was half expecting. Crazy that you expect a fish whilst trotting for Barbel in the winter but I know this river very well and that all the knowledge of this venue comes in very handy when ones angling fix needs quenching with limited time. The size of the Barbel wasn't apparent to begin with as she hung deep in the flow and remaining close to the cover, I had a sneaking suspicion she was of a decent size and after a minute or so she came roughly parallel with me and then I could see all of her.

 Immediately knew it was a good 'un and as she approached the net I thought she maybe another double, two in two days? You bet! On the mat all was revealed and looked every bit ten pound plus.

10lb 3oz and a second double in less than 24 hours.
 That was just the ticket! A couple of photos and she was off back into her watery world, excellent stuff.

 The rest of the afternoon was spent looking but that was all I could muster, not that I cared.

 A couple of days later and in identical conditions, I managed another hour or so on my way home from work which again was a complete success. No double figure Barbel this time but a Barbel all the same! Boy I did miss fishing for these powerful creatures.

A smaller one at 7lb 4oz. Not that I cared of course!
 Most enjoyable indeed. 


  1. You’re making it look too easy :-)

    1. Easy? I suppose I've had it harder, they certainly moved pretty quickly, those runs are now all devoid of fish and not a sniff in any since....just shows that when you get it right how good it can be, overall on the grape vine it's been a hard season for most of there.. However my return of 3 doubles in seven trips is the best I've ever had!


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