Monday, 21 January 2019

A Return To The Barbel.

 It has been a long time since I got the urge to fish for old Bertie and having fended off that urge I finally caved in. Glad I did too! My roving started on very familiar grounds and was shocked at the clarity of the river, I could see every pebble and strand of weed throughout the 1 mile or so that I covered.

 It has to be said I missed this aspect of my fishing as carp and predators have featured heavily at the expense of most other species. Within 40 minutes of arriving on the river and making my first cast I had already slipped the net under three Barbel, one of which was a beautifully conditioned 8lb 10oz fish, no marks or blemishes it was a poster girl for the species.

Second best of a quick fire session, 8lb 10oz

 With that pristine bertie released I fancied another try through the same swim and as my bait approached the same gravel bar a large frame cruised up to it and in a flash the bait was gone and I was locked into battle with another good fish. In the powerful flow I enjoyed every second of the fight as she darted for wintering weed beds and then out into 6 or 7ft of open water, it really was that enjoyable I got a little disheartened as she slowly gave up and coasted in towards the net and with very little resistance she was on the bank. A lovely double to cap off a fantastic hour of fishing!

 10lb 4oz on the digitals and my second biggest of the season, only bettered by an 11lb 2oz fish from the late summer, crazy considering five trips all season for Barbel have been embarked upon. The other two Barbel weighed approx 4½ and 5½lbs.

Awesome way to end what was a very quick trip.


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