Friday, 11 January 2019

Fish Of A Lifetime, The Book.

 About 2 years ago I was very kindly offered to contribute to a book called "fish of a lifetime", I obviously jumped at the chance and for the next few months I added little by little until my final piece was handed to the editors to weedle out any mistakes, grammatical errors and so on.

 After a while the trail went cold and I thought that the book wasn't going to go to print and although I was honoured to have been given the opportunity I was always thinking about. Then out of the blue, the main man Adam Perna emailed me and attached a draft copy of my piece, all eight pages of it. I was/am still, chuffed.

 So even when it seemed like it wasn't going to happen it did! here is a shot of the cover and the 1st contents page, with yours truly contributing in Chapter Six. To have a piece side by side with some of the most awe inspiring catches of my generation and those before is quite brilliant.

The overall quality is very good.

 Chapters include the detailed catches Keith Berry enjoyed as he went on to achieve the British rod caught record among a string of simply breathtaking specimens, some of which I may never ever witness. Also catches of some very special Carp, Pike, Chub including Rob Youngs incredible insight to the Dorset Stour record brace, Neil Maidments blast at Dever Springs for monster Rainbows and Steve Frosts awesome river Perch. For anyone who wants who would like to purchase a copy of the book, please contact Adam using the details below, cost will also be given upon contact.

12 Rosehill Cresent, Twyford, Buckinghamshire, Bucks, MK184EF


or email:

For me, it was a pleasure. I hope you purchase it, you enjoy it.



  1. Brilliant mate, looking forward to reading that

  2. Cool, you’ve got back in! I’ll lend it to ya soon mate!


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