Sunday, 29 December 2019

Breaking the Hoodoo.

 The Perch, is arguably my bogey species, but I guess we all have to have one. I just wish I didn't suck at it so bad. I see photos and hear of amazing catches of soldiers, a few of which have come out to friends of mine who have given me nuggets of information, nuggets that haven't materialised in my favour. Yet.

 Today was my second trip out of the season in search of Perch and decided with the rivers largely out of action, a stillwater would be my best shout of success.

 Conditions as I made the drive northwards looked perfect for perch, however the forecast was to completely change throughout the morning with low overcast skies giving way to bright sunlight, along with a strengthening of wind from the east that made fishing uncomfortable.

  Very bright actually, so much so that fairly early on I consigned myself to a blank before even casting a bait, luckily for me I dropped on to a peg that had fish in, within an hour I had four bites, hooking two of them. With that relatively swift action I thought I was in for a bumper session.

Back of the net :) 

 Second of the two stripeys, shame I couldn't get the others.

 Bumper day.....? chance! the sun continued to light up everything and the wind just got stronger and stronger, by 3pm the wind chill felt as if it might give me frost bite, that's no exaggeration, it wasn't pleasant. Thankfully I had those two early doors.

 The sunset however was pretty spectacular and was treated to the chorus of a pair of Kingfishers and a Barn Owl scouring the fields for an evening snack. Being an angler really does give you this sense of closeness to nature. Witnessing nature at it's best, we certainly are privileged.


No doubt the bigger specimens love a crayfish.

All over for another day.


  1. teddington,by the boats.has lots of form for fours.oh,mine?tench,a measly 3-12-0!

  2. Big Perch used to frequent that area of the Thames, unfortunately not as prolific as it once was but that is fishing for you. I missed that boat. I can only hope one day that it regains some of its former glory.


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