Wednesday, 18 December 2019

A Carpy Post.

 With my sights set firmly on Carp next year it prompted me to have a look through a collection of photos that have been accrued over many years. For a large portion of that time physical images of past captures were lost, but with the rise of digital media it is almost impossible to lose such images and thankfully so!

 Yes all those captures will live in the memory for many years, however having the ability to scan over so many images just makes you remember so much more, some that have been marginalised by other catches, but by no means not worth remembering. My back ruled me out of action for half of this year but just before that happened I was slipping into my groove on the carp front and catching some corkers, some of which were from very tough venues, venues that many seldom catch from, regardless of approach/tactics employed.

 For me, right place and right time coupled with a persistence I've not felt for quite a few years and that includes my more recent ventures into multi-species specimen fishing. The buzz of achieving mini milestones always gives you that impetus to continue and looking back at these images it has reaffirmed my initial idea of a Carp year, which to tell the truth would have been this year if it wasn't for the set back.

 Here are a few images I selected from the Spring/Early Summer spell I had on various watercourses.


20lb 5oz

23lb & 18lb brace for my brother Richard.

Mid twenty in the net.

21lb 9oz

A canal 15lb 10oz mirror

Low twenty

Badass ghostie.


My only canal Linear Mirror 19lb 9oz

25lb 10oz

Little torpedo.


2oz shy of twenty pounds.

An almost perfect common, 15+

Chunky canal common 16lbs 8oz


17lb 12oz


23lb+ scaley badness :) 

A stocky powerhouse of a common 17lb+


  1. You certainly were in the groove for a while. I hope your back holds up next year.

    1. I sure hope so, 2020 is going to be mainly a carp year.


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