Chasing Chevins Part 4.


 I should give up on the title...

 ...although I am actually targeting Chub the Barbel seem very happy at my presentation and at times not giving the Chub a chance! Not often that happens I'll tell you. 

 Recently I have found myself heading down with a couple of hours to use, the trotting gear was however revamped for this visit and although I was using the rod the centrepin was respooled with low diameter 8lb line to continue trotting, which would hopefully give me a fighting chance at landing Barbel should I tempt them. 

 So I think it was obvious how this visit went! Nothing big landed, given the loss of those two big ones recently it is bit of a kick in the plums that I now can't contact anything much over 7lb. The above Barbel came on my second trot, on the first through I saw a Barbel flash on the gravels that I was targeting, the fish I see roll wasn't the one I'd hooked. This one a low-six pounder.

 A nice photo opportunity with the float setup in view. It took a good hour to see another Barbel or Chub and after a small Chub of 3lb or so I moved upstream and as I was wading upstream a good shape eased up off the bottom and moved upstream about 10ft, luckily for me I could see it, just tucked along side some ribbon weed and as I got into a casting position the heavens began to open, completely out of the blue and the timing could not have been worse, as now I was fishing blind, right in front of me. 

 I very quickly got soaked through and the thought of giving up now on this opportunity was not in my mind, eight trots of around 10ft culminated in a Barbel sucking my flake off the bottom as I was fishing about 10inch overdepth to get the bread to bounce over the bottom and work the small depressions, this lovely Barbel slipped into the net as the rain began to ease off. 7lb 1oz.

 That for the afternoon was that, not bad, but no decent Chub, another day I suppose it may be very different.


  1. What a strange problem to have; barbel beating the chub to the bait! If it wasn’t happening to me as well I’d struggle to believe it!

    1. Yes, it is, but it's been happening for some time now, where the Barbel seem to be ravenous.

      Fancy a trip to the Trent soon?

    2. Good man, I might be down this evening when the Mrs gets back from work. Have a couple of hours out.

    3. Get a room !!! Nice pics and fish young James

    4. Haha! Yes, they are in good nick, be lovely to catch one 3-5lb bigger mind you.

  2. Up here its several Chub before any Barbel. I still have not caught a decent one off the Swale!!

    1. I know the Swale does hold some stunning Barbel, but I guess they aren't easy to catch, except the Trent are they ever?


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