Preparing for the Unknown.


 In about 3 hours I'll be on my way up north towards Northamptonshire being my final destination to fish a couple of rivers up there, conditions look pretty good if the forecast can be believed, with warm weather, plenty of cloud and a little rain predicted around Sunday it promises to be fairly pleasant. First of all I'll be making my way up to the R.Lea to try and get a double figure Barbel or even a Barbel for that matter, still haven't had one.

 Then I make the 64 mile trip from the R.Lea to my first port of call which will be the R.Nene which is completely unknown to me but I am relishing the challenge of finding a Barbel and if I find some then hopefully move on to finding bigger fish, the crystal clear waters should aide me to stalk fish out and then settle down as dusk approaches, only problem with that is that I need to make overnight arrangements as kicking off time is around 2030, with that I'll probably head over to one of two sections on the R.Ivel that I hold tickets on.

 A lot of unknowns on this trip but the last one was no different and look how that panned out! So I will only do what I can and then determine whether I need to adjust my approach or continue with the rolling meat as that is my preferred tactic on what is likely to be a clear river, I have roughly 48hrs to make something happen, so lets see how this goes!

 Hopefully I can manage something like one of these that have graced my net over the last two months. 

R.Colne 11.07 no:6

R.Medway 13.09 no:7

R.Mole 12.10 no:8

R.Derwent 13.13 no:9


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