Sunday, 7 November 2021

Barbel...Where Have They Gone.


 I have really struggled of late on the Barbel front, I am currently dividing my time between the Kentish Stour, Lea, Itchen, ColnBrook and the Nene, all of which have provided me with little or no sport what so ever, not even a small Chub which would normally really annoy me but now it would simply be an indication that I  am fishing effectively. 

 Since my last Barbel, which came off the R.Ivel I have embarked on eight sessions ranging from short 2hr after work visits or all nighters on the Itchen and K.Stour. Numerous areas tried and various baits tried, from rolling meat to sat behind a rod or two where possible and still absolutely nothing happening, its been bloody hard, so much so unless conditions do not improve markedly then that'll be it for me until February at least, with that the Grayling gear will come out of retirement!


 Since my last Barbel here is my list of blanks up to the beginning of November.

 Lea - 3hrs

 Nene - 13hrs

 K.Stour - 3.5hrs

 Itchen - 9hrs

 K.Stour - 3hrs

 K.Stour - 7hrs

 ColnBrook - 2hrs

 Itchen - 6hrs

 It's been tough!!!


  1. Makes the catching ever so sweeter!

    1. Oh absolutely, but I am starting to wonder when my next fish is going to come along!


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