Wednesday 10 November 2021

My First Guiding Day.


 Last Wednesday and Thursday I unusually found myself fishing! with work pacing along and family life all consuming I had the pleasure of two days Grayling fishing! 

 My first day out actually wasn't myself wetting a line but a client who had won a days fishing on a premier chalk stream beat that holds some wonderful fish in a wonderful setting. Of course the winner of the charity lot had the unfortunate fact that he'd be fishing with me! But what I will say is I know the river pretty well and if anyone stands half a chance of doing well then it might as well be with me!!! (Not that I'm blowing my own trumpet of course!)

 My client for the day was a young man named Dom and having never caught a Grayling before I thought we should set our sights at one to begin with and then work our way towards the target of a two-pound specimen that do exist, if you can find them of course.

 Over the course of the day Dom became more familiar with the centrepin which wasn't easy at times with the odd cross wind causing the line to back around the spool, but he persevered and coupled with my guidance he finished the day on ten Grayling with a PB of 1lb 10oz which is a superb fish in anyones book and one that I'm sure he is chuffed with. Here are a couple of shots from the day.

 I can only suggest it was a success and that given the fact we saw "twos" loitering around it was unfortunate that one of the bigger fish were not caught, incremental steps after all is a nice way to up your PB rather than going the whole hog from the get go!

A great start!

1lb 9oz

1lb 10oz

Dom trotting one of the many excellent pools.

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