Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Winter Chubbing

  Yesterday me and my dad thought it would be nice to do some Roach fishing on another of our haunts, and also anything else that fancied a feed so we first decided to try a brilliant looking back eddy on the main river and both had a take instantly, Dads one was a 4lbs 0oz Chub, mine a 3lbs 4ozs Chub.

 After a few more casts i had another Chub at 3lbs 6ozs, then another fish this one though was alot bigger and stayed hard on the bottom for a while i thought it was a Barbel which are very rare in this river and then managed to get the fishes head up and it was a Chub a definite river best and after a couple of photos we weighed it and went 5lbs..... 6ozs, a second Chub of that weight from 2 different rivers in a week!.

                                               Dads 4lbs 0oz Chub

                                A large 5lbs 6ozs Chub (P.B for this river)

 After that i had another 5 Chub to 3lbs 11ozs and 1 from the Thames at 3lbs 9ozs (heavily scarred by the Pike) and 4 Dace and a Gudgeon. Dad finished up with 1 Chub (4lbs 0oz) , 1 Roach (1 lbs 2 ozs) and 5 Bream to (5lbs 4ozs). A good days fishing.

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