Sunday 12 August 2012

Tiddler Bashing

Not all things this season have been about chasing double figure Barbel, I do at this age still enjoy having a match with my brothers and have a little match where it was the amount of fish caught and the prettiest fish that would win the day not the biggest and the day did fly by with a good little bag caught by each of us boys, the only thing that did taint the day was a strong head-wind all almost the entire match which at times did test our patience but we stuck to it.

The biggest of the day.

The prettiest of the match.

Both the biggest and the prettiest fish of the day went to yours truly but the match was tied between my brother Chris and myself and my other brother Richard bought up the rear with a respectable bag though. Great fun to catch small stuff now and again and very relaxing aswell.


  1. For the prettiest fish of the match that is one ugly fish!

    From the photos that's my favorite spot on the pond, it's got a little gully about six foot out - as far as I can tell the only underwater feature in the whole pond.

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