Saturday, 12 January 2013

Funny old sport this...

 Over the weekend I managed to aquire a 10ft Shakespeare match fishing rod (Omni Match) and I have been itching to try it out for some small fish so I decided to go on the hunt for some Roach and other silvers, so with that in mind I spooled up with 5lb line and a selection of floats and a small loaf of bread.

 Again as usual I packed up very light and went for a long walk in search of some fish, but my day didn't go as planned as I'd hoped and finding the Roach and the like was very difficult with only a couple of Dace rising in a 2 mile stretch which was not what I expected but I haven't fished the bottom reaches of my most local river for quite a few years and the river had changed alot since I had last been and seemingly the fish have vanished or playing very hard to find.

 So after a long walk upstream I started to reach the more familiar beats where I know shoals of Dace lay up, so I positioned myself at the top of swim and broke up a hand of bread and watched it drift throw the water levels and creating a white mist of flake as the water carried it downstream, a few seconds later I cast a small piece flake downstream with which my float slowly dipped and the sailed away and a fairly firm strike was met by a wrenching tug on my very light gear and only after a brief fight it broke free cutting my line on something sharp on the bottom, it could only have been a Barbel and fairly sizeable by the brief scrap I did have, so obviously the Barbel were feeding and the silvers weren't so I moved to few more swims with again no joy.

 20 casts later, I was into another Barbel whilst trotting bread flake through a deep pool hoping to find a Roach or Dace but again found a large powerful Barbel that wanted to show off it's immense power against my very light tackle and it did for a good 5 mins when I guided it towards my net but the next thing that happened wasn't in the script when my landing net handle came unattached from my net with Barbel making a break for it to open river, so I needed to start playing the Barbel again and rescue my net whilst working out how I'd land it but I opted in the end to head down to the tail end of the swim and scoop the Barbel out with just the net.
A stocky 8lb 14oz Barbel.
So much for Roach fishing because I had gone even further up stream and had the same issue when on my first trot I had another quality take which ended up being a nice Barbel again at 7lb on the button which also put up a very good strong fight on a very thin and flimsey rod that I certainly didn't expect it to handle the pressure of a Barbel as well as it did, so far for £20 it's looking a right bargain.
Another 7lb bracket Barbel to finish up with.
I'll manage a Roach sometime soon.


  1. Lovely couple of Barbel there James, they both look in superb winter condition too, I bet they put a right bend in that match rod.

  2. Need to invest in a good landing net pole. Dust away the cobwebs from your wallet lol

  3. In all the bread fishing I've done (which is an awful lot!) I've only ever had two barbel on it. Then again, where I fish bread the roach get there first almost every time with a bite within seconds some times, so that's no indicator of its effectiveness. I always wondered what could happen if a big bed of bread ground bait was laid down to get the barbel in and rooting about — and after this report, James I just might try it. Great fishing.

  4. bonito reportaje y preciosas las capturas. Buena pesca desde Spain.

    1. gracias suerte mucho y bueno en el futuro