Wednesday 21 August 2013

Lovely Chubly.

On Tuesday I popped out for a brief session to locate a Barbel, like the last two sessions it has been difficult to bank one and this session was much of the same, I spotted a couple of Barbel around the 6lb mark but the Chub were getting there before the Barbel could, the first Chub was only a small one but after 20 minutes in the swim I fished a large Chub crossed a gravel bed mid river and headed straight at my bait and as I watched it head closer and closer I picked up my rod and waited for the inevitable and after ten seconds the bait disappeared, the easiest Chub I think I've ever caught.

 The fight for a Chub wasn't too bad either, pulling every dirty trick out in it's effort to shed the hook, but that wasn't going to happen, I swiftly guided it into the net, another good Chub and looked every bit of 5lb and bigger....

..........5lb 4oz, a result, not a Barbel but not complaining.

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