Wednesday, 7 August 2013

River Trotting.

 Over the last couple of days I have been out on one of my rivers in search of Roach on the first day and then on Tuesday in search of the ever ferocious Brown Trout.

 The Monday was spent in a couple of swims with Chris trotting maggots and bread to try and catch some Roach, in between the storms that bought large amounts of rain we both did manage half a dozen redfins between us but not large with the biggest around the 10oz mark caught by yours truly but Chris wasn't to be upstaged by that, with the capture of a good sized Gudgeon, at roughly 3oz it was a specimen fish, the session unfortunately was cut short due to a prolonged storm that caught us two both out and Stuart too, who only came along to see how we were doing, needless to say we all got soaked to the bone.

A pristine Roach and Chris's Gudgeon.

 Tuesday's session was fished in much better conditions with no rain forecast and actually basking in lovely sunshine, just the perfect weather for trotting and the water levels were back to a normal level, the fishing went well and it wasn't long before Chris had chalked up a nice Brown Trout of 1.4 only his second ever Trout, so it was a great coup for him but his day didn't finish there either with a capture of another Brownie at 1.11, he needless to say finished the session a happy chappy.

 I did however also manage to catch a Brownie and a lovely specimen it was as well, it was also caught on my split cane rod and it coped with it brilliantly, with the display that fish put up it didn't even flinch even with the rod bent double it felt although it still had plenty more to offer.

The first of Chris's pair.

My Trout at 3lb 3oz a stunning specimen.

 Later on in the day I did unfortunately lose a Barbel in a bank of weed, the fish was around the 4lb mark but with the Barbel fishing being so difficult even one as small as that would have been good to land, plus Chris missed his chance to triple his Trout tally when a spotty rose and took his bait but he failed to connect to it.

 Up next, a trip to Marsh Farm for their famous Crucian Carp.

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