Friday, 2 August 2013

Where Are They.

 It has been a strange start to the river season in a few respects, but the other day just highlighted how strange it has been, I started the day trotting with some Maggots and managed a single Dace of around 6ozs, with plenty of silvers showing on the gravel beds I couldn't persuade anymore to take the bait, later on in the session I changed tactic and decided to try a static bait just off of the main current in a few swims and it took about five swims before I started to get some enquiry's but they weren't typical Chub or Barbel bites, so I sat on my hands and allowed the bite to progress when I had had enough I struck and was met by a tell tale Eel fight and after getting it up off the bottom it skated across the surface, a good Eel of 2lb 3ozs banked ( in the daylight too).

 The session went even quieter after that fish and it felt that everything has just upped and moved off, I fished some good looking swims where I would have assumed fish would be present but I went nearly two hours without a touch, but some hope was restored at the sight of 2 Barbel and a couple of Chub too.

 I ended the session  early as I didn't think anything would change, just everything feels wrong, I'll leave the Barbel until I feel things have changed, or is it my timing that is wrong, maybe they are feeding late night to dawn and I'm missing them?, who knows.

The trap is set.
The perfect Barbel swim, or so you'd think.

No shortage of these Damsel flies, plus an abundance of Butterflies.

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