Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Challenges Set for the Next 3 Months.

For the next three months I have set myself some targets to try and achieve, although some may seem easier than others, it will be the locality of where I will be angling for some of these species, I have picked some out as potential PB's too but catching may not be easy and at times I suppose coining the phrase, it will be like "catching the impossible", but if it's worth catching then it's certainly worth the effort I will no doubt have to impart on my quest, so for the next 3 months these will be the species I'll be aiming to catch and my target weights.

Bream ( Abramis Brama ) - 13lbs.
Tench ( Tinca Tinca ) - 8lbs.
Carp ( Cyprinus Carpio ) 40lbs.
Perch ( Perca fluviatilis ) 3lbs.
Rudd ( Scardinius Erythrophthalmus ) 2lbs.
Eel ( Anguila Anguila ) 5lbs.

Over the course of this time which will encompass most of the summer I feel these can all be achieved but it will be a mammoth task but one that I am relishing if time will allow me, 6 species of specimen proportions in 3 months, with the gauntlet laid down, it's time to fish.

Current PB at 7lb 14oz.

Current PB at 10lb 14oz.(left)

Current PB at 35lb 8oz.(left)

 Current PB at 2lb 13oz. (left)
Current PB at 3lb 13oz.

Current PB at 5lb 11oz.

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