Tuesday 30 December 2014

Cold One.

 A return to Hampshire is planned just after the new year but between then and now a couple of short sessions are planned for some Roach and Pike but today my target were those big Gudgeon with the sight of a British Record specimen still the target and having done some research, the record seems to be at 5oz 0dr so that is the benchmark, the gauntlet is set.

 But before I got to my Gudgeon swim I decided to have a look about for a Pike or two and maybe even a Barbel, whatever fancied feeding. The Barbel weren't shy on feeding and I did manage two today the first at 8lb 3oz and the other was captured in my Gudgeon swim at roughly 5lb, a Chub of roughly 3lb did also make an appearance even though it nicked the bait off of a Barbel earlier in the walk up river, plus I got a surprise in the form of a Goldfish and not a small one either at roughly a pound to a pound-and-a-half, a right old turn up - not something you expect to catch from a wild river like this.


What is that??!!??

A stocky 5lb Barbel.

 My only Gudgeon of the trip was unfortunately foul-hooked but thankfully was only a smaller one, so my two hours consisted of 2 Barbel, a Chub, a Goldfish and no Gudgeon, I think the reason for the lack of Gudgeon feeding was simply the -4c temperature that we had overnight, another trip will be done probably over the new year. Until then tight lines & lastly to all I wish you a Happy New Year and be lucky for 2015.


  1. Why mention the poxy Chub? Nicking the bait in front of a Barbel..... Another reason why they're POXY !!!

    1. I know bloody bait theif !!!. The goldfish was crazy though weren't it.


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