Sunday, 12 April 2015

Gobio Minimus.

 Owing to a busy weekend my angling opportunities were limited to about an hour so I ventured off to a small venue close to home and targeted the hoards of Gudgeon that are present, plenty of them here but I've never managed one over 1.5oz. Fishing a 0.6gr pole float and a size 20 hook I was able to present the bait as perfect as is possible which is almost Crucian fishing and some bites were as finicky as the aforementioned - with others in stark contrast taring the float under as to assume a big Carp stormed off with my single red maggot, it was fun even if the largest weighed at a measly 7dr!.

 After an hour of fishing and battling the wind I finished up with 20 averaging the grand weight of 5dr, but you never know what might come along and pull your string.

Fine condition but needs miracle grow.

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