Sunday, 5 April 2015

Back to School.

 This weekend so far has felt like I am back at school, the canals around London offer a massive amount fishing, but is there any fish in them? this is the question I wish to answer so I need to do my homework if I'm to make the grade. First hand it seems like it is going to be an easy task but I know that the GUC and the Regent's have suffered extensively from poaching and poor water quality which has led to thousands of fish perishing over the last couple of decades, I have personally found remains of fish that have been prepared on the bank and probably exactly where they were caught, I am aware of certain sections containing more fish than others and I will be targeting these to build a small picture but will look expand on that as I gain more confidence and this will come as I catch more.

 I am fairly lucky as we also have a large selection of disused docks which do hold massive heads of fish, unfortunately the weights tend to top out at a fairly mediocre level but as the docks average 25-40ft in depth these aren't no straight forward waters either, these are usually shared with Grey Seal's who have the same idea as us!. I have done my fair share of miles in scouting out potential water and lots of it looks exactly what I would associate with "good" fishing, but again I'm not getting my hopes up immediately as will allow the fish to wake from their winter slumber, my main aim will be to locate Bream and Roach whilst hopefully bumping into some Carp during the hotter months which grow over 25lb and as much as 40lb in certain sections, a capture of one of those sized fish would be one of my greatest angling achievements if it were to happen.

 But as with every trip I have a "Plan B", this was to head out after my recon' mission's on both Saturday and Sunday with the fly rod to catch some more Brown Trout, both day's I was successful too as on Saturday I managed to take a 3lb 9oz specimen on a Daddy Long Legs plus a couple of small Dace taken on a weighted Nymph pattern. My trip this afternoon was slightly more productive than yesterday evening as I managed five Trout to about a pound, so a smaller stamp but still very enjoyable, all were taken on a little dry fly with a white piece of fluff trailing at the back end with a silver piece of tinsel running through the body, they seemed to like it but the larger fish were not to be fooled and they remained annoying visible, another time, tomorrow Marsh Farm is next up with the view to catch some Tench, hopefully they will play.

Oh and a Roach too.
3lb 9oz, best so far, but larger have been seen.
Tiny but equally as perfect.
About a pound, all immaculate.
Picturesque and the fishing is good too.
Sight fishing in these condition's is brilliant fun.
Very healthy and the stocks are improving, let's hope that continues.

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