Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Tiny Tinca Fishing.

 It's Spring at last, Tench and Crucian time has finally arrived, some would argue slightly to early to target the latter but for the 4 days leading up to bank holiday Monday I was sat firmly on my hands but by Monday I couldn't overcome my impatience and got an itchy arse, I boarded the train to Surrey and went hunting for both but Tench were my priority as the water is still a little chilly as are the evenings for Cru's.

 I wanted to challenge myself to catch a decent Tinca which this time of year isn't easy, so built a swim on Harris lake and awaited for about an hour and a half for my first knock......the float lifted and I was in, on 3lb line I played what felt like a Tench for a couple of minutes and then this little looker posed for piccy in the sun.

 For it seemed hours passed by without much other than the occasional bite or lift, it was tough going for sure and the next tiny bite resulted in a lumpy scrap and I admit I was bit of a wreck when a size-able Crucian broke the surface ( a mid 2lb ), after quite a long time waiting I wasn't sure it would, out of the blue for sure......then disaster struck as the hook pulled as it approached the net!, absolute t*****. So damn gutted and fast forwarding another 3 hours after that as the sun was disappearing because the rest of the session was very very tough as one solitary Roach and one more Tench were caught.

Magnificent condition.
 Dusk is always the perfect time to be fishing but I couldn't hit the minute taps that the Cru's were giving off but the Roach continued to feed well as I ended the day catching one a chuck almost but nothing over 10oz but during the course of the day a few Crucians were landed by a couple of pole anglers, one thing I will add is that the wind for most of the day was gusty and made bite visibility an extremely hard task, I will be back and would like to contact a 8lb Tench and a 3lb Crucian over the next couple of weeks before my Rudd campaign begins in May.

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