Friday 17 March 2017

A Splash of Colour.

 Just a brief one, after my short Chub session my plans were to head off into the Surrey Downs and target some Golden Orfe, these fish aren't known for their fighting qualities but they are a fantastic looking fish. Even when they're bright orange in murky water they are still very good at hiding right under the radar, I decided to stay very mobile and try to locate them in the sunshine. This wasn't easy, more than two hours were spent wandering before I finally struck it lucky with the capture of a 4.02 G.Orfe but I knew larger ones existed so I continued to search them out.

Second best at 4.02

 My next two fish were small Tench around the pound mark but out of the blue I set into a small Orfe and the smallest I've ever caught, then shortly after that the float buried itself sharply which could only mean one thing, it was the appearance of a much better fish, again the fight wasn't much good and a very light hook hold I mugged it into the net, job done but I thought it would miss out on being a five pound plus specimen and I was right as the scales settled on 4.08, brilliant condition.

Nice! I do like these fish.

 The rest of the day was spent hauling Tench out one after another, with nothing over 3lb it wasn't about size but a handful of them were around the 8oz mark and they were simply stunning little creatures, every one was given the once over and marvelled at the olive green flanks and teddy bear eyes, this spring I will give their much larger bretherin a real good go.

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