Thursday, 16 March 2017

In Search of Monster Chub: Sausage Sizzle Strike's Again.

 After two long days after Chub in testing conditions I decided to try a little closer to home and try to put some faith back into my bait and wait work, the river was coloured and pushing pretty hard but it didn't stop the fish from feeding well as I opted to fish only for a couple of hours.

Some of the components used to snare my target species.
 I planned on dumping some bait in a couple of swims just to get some fish moving out of the trees just downstream of each run, more often than not they seem to seek refuge in any conditions but move out with the sound of small 6mm pellets hitting the surface, akin to a dinner bell! having only a short trip planned I hoped that the Chub would hone in quickly and my prayer was answered within just twenty minutes, a small tap on the rod let me know something was home and as I poised over the top of the rod it double taps violently, fish on and it felt like my target straight away.

All set, wait and see.

 First blood, 3,13 and not the biggest Chub of the season but a welcome fish and knew that others were down there. I didn't waste time in getting some more bait down as if one was feeding they often feed as a shoal, I winched my bait into position, waited and for a few minutes I trickled a 6mm pellet in 5 second intervals, this in the summer is a deadly trick that I use and works so efficiently. Minutes later my tip slowly moved towards the river, like something coming downstream had caught on the line, I lifted the rod to expect to wind in rubbish but instead the rod slammed over as I took up the slack, this was a much better fish.

 When it cruised into the net I was startled by it's rather ugly appearance, but very thick and noticeably short. I was intrigued to see what it weighed and I was surprised when the digi's registered 5lb 1oz, something I didn't really expect but I'd certainly take it. Once I had taken a photo and released the Chub downstream I got myself back in position with more enquiries almost a given......

U G L Y he ain't got no alibi ! And no not me :)

 So with that my confidence was rewarded with a motionless rod for the remainder of the trip, but two Chub wasn't a terrible return and my last bit of Chub fishing for the season.

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