Coming off the high.


 Since my new challenge' inception time on the bank has been increased to try and get a head of steam going, visits to the bank have been mainly blanks as autumn swiftly turns cold as it has and Barbel become a little more difficult to locate and catch. Back out again on Tuesday evening for another go at one of my local rivers saw me arrive on a very cold riverbank. Not knowing what to expect and quite rightly high on confidence, my current set up and bait is certainly doing the right things and getting out as soon as any time comes up. The added impetus will hopefully lead to more fish on the bank.

 Two rivers ticked off my list in a week it was always going to be difficult to keep going and whilst I currently have two other rivers on the go I know the prospect of doubles now given the time of year will become more of a harder task, but I am more than willing to keep up the hard work, maybe another will slip up soon enough.

 Tuesday evening was spent roving around in 1c temperatures in the frosty fields and as I made my way through a few pegs it became apparent that I wasn't going to get a touch, so at 0030 I threw in the towel and headed off home to grab a couple of hours kip before getting on the road for work. Another blank added to the list.


 10 trips since October 13th has resulted in 8 blanks and 2 successful trips with a fish caught on both ( 15.10 & 13.9 ), both have been the target fish.


  1. It’s great that you’re keeping notes of the blanks as well as the successful trips, non-anglers don’t realise the effort put in makes the reward even more rewarding! Plus you’ll need these notes when you write the book ;-)

    1. Got to have both sides of the story to be accurate, I know writing about a blank/s is quite pointless but in the long run it should serve as a good reminder to how many blank trips were spent trying to locate and catch my targets!

      It's not easy this lark as I am finding out.

  2. Blanks are just obstacles between successes, each one takes you nearer a red letter day. I must be due something spectacular :o)

    Big south westerly due soon, fill yer boots.

    1. I have been keeping a watchful eye on the weather and things are looking promising from now on. I'm all on for the blanks, just as long as I keep myself in the mix a lump is potentially a trip away.

  3. the colne has apparently got some hungry resident furry fiends.


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