Thursday, 3 May 2012

Another days work

 After all of the rain that we have had recently, I have been looking forward to getting back down the river to complete the clean up job that Stu and myself had started almost a month ago, so as the rain had calmed down for 2 days and allowing the level to drop and sediment to settle, we were back in the river pulling out more carpets, metalwork of all forms, clothing, kitchen wear, more old drinks cans that I have never seen before and i'm pretty fond of a fizzy drink and 20 odd bags of recyclable material.

 With all of the other couple of tons of debris collected now, weve managed to built up a pile bigger than the first one, which we can not believe at all, but the stretch looks so much better now and has gained about 4 - 8 inches in depth and clear gravels for about 30meters with the exception of 2 massive concrete slabs about 10feet long by 6feet wide, the perfect Barbel haunt for sure.

 The nearly complete project brambles.

About 30 hours with 2 men. Looks good!!

Also most of the metal didn't hang around long as a couple of travellers came down and took it for scrap bearing in mind some of the scaffolding poles were 30 footers and must have been about 70 poles in total removed just from that small piece of water but I guess waste not, want not. Plus another 4 eels and 1 elver, the Eel population is looking very healthy in this stretch, I think in the 4 trips to this spot to clean up between Stu and myself  we have seen anything up to 20 eels the largest being about 3-4lbs and 1 Chub around 2lb.

 Can't wait to get back to fishing the rivers again. Roll on June the 16th.

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