Thursday, 24 May 2012

Another specimen hunted

 After the very nice warm weather we have been experiencing I felt that a morning session was in order and as I start back work on Monday after a little rest, I needed to get some more fishing done and I was so glad I did peel myself out of bed this morning, firstly by catching a lovely 8lb 8oz Bream which had the most amount of spawning tubicles that I have ever seen on a Bream, so this was a male Bream and the biggest I've had to my recollection.

  Then a hour or so had passed with only a couple of small Carp passing through my swim, but then a shoal of Carp came into my swim and started rooting up the bottom and feeding really well, with two of the shoal being a really big Mirror around 30lb and a Common about 26 - 28lb surrounded by a handful of good doubles and when the Mirror circled around ahead of the rest I placed my bait right on it's nose and it inhaled my bait with real conviction, my chance at landing my first 30lb + was now in my hands and I played it very cautiously knowing that the tree line on the other side could be a real issue but thankfully I managed to turn it's head at the last moment before it would have almost definitely snapped me up and after about 5 minutes my prize was in the net and I was an extremely happy boy indeed, on the scales she went 31 lb 3 oz, this fish was a foot across the back but was a very short fish but what a fantastic fish and a MIRROR aswell. Get in!!!!! My first Thirty and hopefully the first of many.

What a pig, 20 years in the making, I started fishing for these aged just 4.


  1. You said you had never had one, you have now!

    Well done that man!


  2. No only a thirty but a superb looking one at that! Top stuff!

    1. What a fat git it was, but an amazing experience to actually catch one and a Mirror Carp aswell, Common Carp are boring as there is no variation between them, Mirror Carp are unique and thats why I like to target them, where did you see the Roach on your trip down the river.

    2. Mirrors are my favourite too, never got a twenty let alone a thirty though. Saw the roach same place as last year, but they move before the season starts, didn't look like there was any monsters but quite a few over a pound... Wonder where they go?