Monday, 25 June 2012

Jungle Warfare Part Two

With the day before being a success on the Barbel front at last, I decided to leave the specimen gear at home and go out for some flood water fun with the smaller species, the water was a lovely slate grey and I knew straight away it wasn't going to be easy and I didn't have long out as I wanted to be back in time to watch England hopefully beat the Italians but as I'm writing this now on Monday we all know what the outcome was unfortunately.

 The day before I made my way through the maze of overgrown shrubbery and created a couple of little swims that I could just poke myself into and hide away, so I decided to trot for the day in those swims and mainly fishing the slacks where the fish were probably sat up out of the main flow and within my first couple of casts I latched into a good fish, although I was using maggots anything was possible and this fish felt a Barbel with big powerful charges through the flood water it was easy to think it was a Barbel and then until after about 2 minutes it gave up, by which time a big Chub rose to the surface and this was a chunky fish a real lump for this river. I couldn't wait to weigh it as I knew it was going to close to a river personal best which stands at 5lb 6oz, but my 'pb' hadn't been beaten with the needle resting on 5lb 3oz.

A real Chub at 5lb 3oz (My prize).

 I did also have a small Brown Trout and a small Roach both about 4oz, nothing special and that was it for my very short but productive session. Maybe 2014 world cup we'll win it :).


  1. So after our conversation on Saturday about what a rare fish a Wandle five is, you popped out the next day and had one :)


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