Friday, 1 June 2012

The elusive wild brownie

 As you can tell by the post name I was after the elusive Trout that call this river home, armed with my fly-rod and assortment of flys I tackled my normal Trout beats in search of one as I haven't done very well on my recent travels but I have caught an array of different fish albeit not my target species from Carp to Chub on the fly.

 Today though the conditions for Brown Trout was definitely more in my favour and only within the first half an hour of fishing in my first spot I had caught a little chublet and 3 small Trout to about 8oz which is the normal stamp of fish to be had in this stretch, so I had cracked my target species and all of which fell to a black buzzer that are very common food source for these Trout, but I was to get an extremely big surprise further downstream whilst scoping the bottom and under over-hanging trees when I spotted a big Trout sat in a gravel hole under one of the trees.

 So now that I had found a monstrous Brownie to cast to I picked my spot about 15 metres up river and walked into the water in the edge and cast down past the hole the Trout was in and then began to retrieve the fly and draw it above the fish when an almighty splash appeared and my little 9 foot brook trout rod hooped over bending double almost literally and the fun began with a continuous powerful charge around the swim and up river, showing no sign of giving up I was beginning to worry about the hook hold as I was using only a small fly maybe size 14, so I was enjoying the fight at the same time anxious about it fighting so hard and just wanted to come in as quickly as possible and within a couple more minutes of nail biting stuff the beast decided to head straight into my net first time, much to my delight and after a fair few blanks for the spotted friends I had landed the jackpot.

 This was a big fish and when I got her on the scales, she went 5lbs 12oz my second biggest ever Brown Trout what an amazing specimen it is aswell, also the colour of the fish was perfect and hardly any blemishes, what a beast, I think now those trips I blanked whilst looking for Trout have made this even more impressive. 

A hen fish.

Revived and ready for release, Thank you Mrs spotty.


  1. A truly great fish and well earned,


  2. Cheers stu, a truly brilliant Trout if I don't catch another one all year I couldn't care that was worth waiting for especially out of this tiny river

  3. Missed this post - fantastic fish, I want one!

    1. I'm sure it'll come Brian, perseverance will pay off at some point.

  4. That's an absolutely fabulous brownie James.

  5. That's a stonker! An excellent fish by anyones standards. Well done.

    Cheers, Patrick