Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Opening Day pm

 Back on the river but not the local, tonight me and brother Richard (the piking pirate) decided to visit the River Thames and go for some predators in the hope of catching one of the big specimens that lurk in these waters. We had an array of spinners, spoons, plugs, lures and shad's to try and tempt some Pike to the bank and within 20 minutes Rich was into a Pike on a red twin tailed shad after just changing to that shad from a spoon, goes to show the Pike won't just hit anything, about 5 minutes later and we finally got to see the culprit in the dark of the night when it slid into the net, the Pike was just over 5lb what a disappointment considering the fight but it was a Pike so Rich was happy regardless and no sooner he put that fish back he cast out again and started to retrieve the shad he had another take and same again another 5 minute fight ensued, another Pike landed slowly getting bigger at 7lb 10oz, I was getting thrashed good and proper.

 I did'nt get my first take until almost an hour into the session whilst using a spoon and the fish on did'nt feel big and turned out to be a Perch of about 8oz. The session after that Perch took a nose dive and I set up my feeder that I brought up just in case this happened and it took a little while to locate the Bream but when I did find the fish the night became more enjoyable with a string of Bream upto 5lb.

A Bream of 3lb which was'nt the biggest but better condition.

 But that was it then no more silvers or predators for the rest of the night.

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